• Handmade

  • Materials: resin, dried flowers


These gorgeous floral coasters are able to be customized to your specifications, making them a great gift! You could even preserve flowers from your own wedding to use as gifts if you’re looking for a unique and cheap gift for all of your bridesmaids! These coasters have many uses. I sold some to a brow artist because she wanted to use them as a mini palette! All in all, they’re a great, versatile gift!


Additionally, I can use alcohol inks to do these pieces, meaning I can make them in any color of the rainbow, and I can imbed different things like glitter, gold foil, shells for a beach-themed wedding, or just for your beach house! (Amongst many other options in different genres!) These coasters would make great gifts for nerds, anime lovers, grunge style and more because they are so versatile!

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